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A tassel is typically thought of as a hanging adornment made of threads suspended from a string. Jewellers have interpreted tassels for a very long time utilizing a wide range of materials. Tassels have been a popular addition to jewellery throughout history. Kuchi Tribal Tassels are infinitely articulated, beaded, braided, and created from popular designs of the time. They give jewellery movement and sensuality.

Carefully Curated For 100% Satisfaction.

The tassels are expertly crafted from tiny braided, twisted, and woven beads to create miniature works of art! Each handmade tassel has a distinctive design. There are never any two identical tassels!

The tassels have a variety of uses, including key chains, accents on bags and soft furnishings, garments, and apparel accessories, so shop Tribal tassel online from Kuchi Jewels to grow your jewellery business unlike any other!

All-Rounder Accessorizing 

These tribal tassels are incredibly adaptable and in high demand all year long because they can easily be used as multipurpose accessories, whether they be sewn onto clothing, purses, or given as gifts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase some tribal tassels because they are and always will be classic items of jewelry. Only at Kuchi Jewels can you find the best products in terms of caliber, style, and variety. With us, you get the finest wholesale pricing as well as excellent quality. This allows you to provide competitive pricing with the market while making a large profit!

Shop Afghan Kuchi jewelry today and expand your business avenues and reach heights!

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