Wedding Season Mehndi Function Afghan Choker Set

This gorgeous Wedding Season Mehndi Function Afghan Choker Setis a beautiful example of traditional Afghani jewelry. The set includes a beautifulchoker, a gorgeous headpiece, and a pair of exquisite earrings. The base of the choker is made of high-quality fabric material that is decked with a stylish, gorgeous metal chain link. The chain link is decorated with beautiful, colorful moon-shaped artificial crystals along with multicolor leaf-shaped and round crystal beads. The choker is also decked with multiple hanging metal chain links that are adorned with metal trinkets, coins, artificial crystals, and stones. The headpiece is also made of a metal chain link over a fabric patch base. It is decked with colorful artificial crystals and tiny beads, and hanging metal chain bells. The crescent-shaped earrings are decked with colorful, multicolor artificial crystals and jingling metal bells. This beautiful set can be worn with any dress or attire, and is can be worn to any festivity, especially at wedding ceremonies.

Set Include:- Choker, Head Piece, and Ear Rings



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Wedding Season Mahndi Function Afghan Choker Set
Wedding Season Mehndi Function Afghan Choker Set

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