Vintage Spike Golden Choker

This gorgeous Vintage Spike Golden Choker is skillfully handcrafted by expert Kuchi tribal artisans. The set is a perfect example of the jewelry that is liked and worn by Kuchi tribal women and girls on parties and ceremonial occasions. The choker is made of high-quality German Silver alloy that is decked on a black fabric piece. The article is decorated with colorful artificial crystals, with hanging metal bells and coins. The head piece is also made of German Silver metal, decked with colorful artificial crystals and hanging, jingling metal bells. The metal ear rings are decked with half moon shaped colorful crystals with jingling metal bells. The gorgeous, head turning set can be worn at festivities and parties.

Size:- 50cm button to button

Weight0.20 kg
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Vintage Spike Golden Choker
Vintage Spike Golden Choker

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