Turkman Style Stone Cuff

This beautiful Turkman Style Stone Cuff that has caught your gaze is a masterpiece of Kuchi craftsmanship. The article is handcrafted by skilled Kuchi artisans. The cuff is a beautiful depiction of the jewelry that is worn by the folks of the Kuchi tribes. The stunning piece of jewelry is made using high-quality gilded German Silver alloy. It is decorated with beautiful carvings and designs. The beautiful metal cuff is also adorned with gorgeous, vibrant artificial stone beads. The article is lightweight and very easy to wear for the user. The cuff can be worn with any dress or outfit that you choose for the joyous event you want to attend. You can wear it at any party or festive event that you want to.

Size:- 10cm length, 6.5cm round

Given Price Per Piece.

Weight0.250 kg
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Turkman Style Stone Cuff
Turkman Style Stone Cuff

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