Turkman Metal Material Necklines

The beautiful embroidery and handcraft of the Turkic tribes of steppes is world renowned. The beautiful craftsmanship is also quite popular in the subcontinent region. These beautiful Turkman Metal Material Necklines are a perfect example of the beauty of the Turkman embroidery work and handiwork. The articles are made of high-quality fabric. The necklines are adorned with stunning embroidery using multicolor threads, mirrors and stunning metal ornaments. You can use these gorgeous necklines to enhance the beauty of your dresses and clothes. The article are skillfully handcrafted by expert craftsmen.

Size:- 38cm long. 35cm width

Given Price Per piece, available in random colors and designs.


Weight.450 kg


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Turkman Metal Material Necklines
Turkman Metal Material Necklines
  • Red
  • Turquoise
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