Afghan Kuchi Round Shape Head Piece Matha-patti

Authentic Afghan ethnic Kuchi tribal headpiece, head piece or head band. Typically used in belly dancing, this gypsy boho bohemian style headpiece is famous for it’s chunkiness and heaviness, jeweling it with colorful glass jewels makes this headpieces the center of attention. Making each of these headpieces is painstakingly hard work, chaining each & every small metal beads together one by one. What you are seeing in the photo is a reflection of centuries old art, living in the Pak-Afghan bordering area where these nomadic people spend their entire lives traveling to warmer areas in winters. They trade their art for some cash or even grocery. Since this art is transferred from a generation to another generation, only they have the skills and secrets of creating these artifacts. Ideal for bohemian carnivals and music festivals.

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Round Shape Head Piece

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