Kuchi Pendants & Necklaces.Kuchi jewelry that are shown here are old – antique – vintage custom hand made jewelry and are highly charged,unless otherwise stated. Kuchi have melted down different metal alloys to make jewelry,this is a genuine antique tribal old Kuchi metal.The Kuchi jewelry has been known to have a low gold content below 6 percent, could also contain brass,silver and other alloys, metals, whatever they could find to be able to make there jewelry. We have not tested any of this jewelry for gold or silver content.The Kuchi have used glass as the stones and whatever they could find to put into their jewelry as it was cheaper than buying high dollar gem stones. At one time this item might have been used to preform majick, magic,wicca and spiritual rituals. This item is being sold as is, a old,vintage,antique Kuchi tribal item. Not responsible for what may or may not happen from it’s metaphysical properties (Majick,Magic) or super natural powers or properties that this jewelry is for entertainment purposes only. Some of these items have been handed down from generation to generation and show signs of wear as shown in pictures and it’s natural patina. At one time these items may have been used to preform rituals,belly dancing.
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Pendant Antique Necklace
Pendant Antique Necklace

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