Nooristani Vintage Skirt Shirt

The adult size Beautiful Noristani Vintage Skirt Shirt is skillfully handmade with stunning Sindhi hand embroidery. The dress is made using good quality fabric material. It is decorated with beautiful embroidery, exhibiting colorful designs on chest, arms, and waistline of the shirt. The shirt is also adorned with many other ornaments, including circular metal alloy trinkets with gorgeous carved designs/patterns, antique coins, and mirrors. The article is available in random designs. It is made using old fabric, so may be repaired or a little bit rough. The shirt can be worn to any festive event like weddings, parties, and celebrations.

Available in random designs.

Adult Size

Old Fabric, may be repaired or a little bit rough

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Nooristani Vintage Skirt Shirt
Noristani Vintage Skirt Shirt

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