The remarkable huge pendant on this necklace was handcrafted during the mid-1900’s for the nomadic Afghan Kuchi tribe of Central Asia. This is old tribal jewelry, and not a new replica. The curved portion of this magnificent pendant is an ornately decorated hollow tube. It was sturdily constructed, and does not bend. Its traditional configuration is reminiscent of the water and beverage containers that Afghan Kuchi tribal women carried. In Central Asia, water and nourishment represent the highest tribute to femininity, as givers of life. The front is encrusted with large colorful beads, adding vibrancy to this extraordinary piece. A generous fringe of chain dangles with unusual bell-charms on their ends hang below, clattering together with movement. There are mild wear patterns and a warm age patina remaining from over the years decades of time. I made the secure wire-wrapped chain to compliment this ornate, colorful, large piece. Hand-dyed silk ties complete the back, so that you can adjust the length depending on where you tie it. Necklaces like these were saved for celebrations and ceremonies, making it even more distinctive. They were inveterate traders, who often traveled great distances along the Old Silk Road, linking goods and ideas between the East and West. Kuchi jewelry and clothing is renowned for its vibrant energy, exuberant colors, and creative spirit.

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Necklace with Long bells and Crystals
Necklace with Long bells and Crystals

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