Multi Oval Stone Moon Star Choker Set

This stunning Multi Oval Stone Moon Star Choker Set that you are looking at right now is a masterpiece of Kuchi artisanship. The set is skillfully handcrafted by expert Kuchi craftsmen. It comprises of a stunning choker with a pair of exquisite earrings that match with the pendant of the choker. The choker is made using high-quality cotton fabric cord that is connected to a tri-layer of cotton threads. These three layers of the sturdy cotton string are threaded with beautiful, colorful stone beads and are connected to a central gilded German Silver metal alloy pendant in the shape of a beautiful moon and star. The pendant is also decked with the colorful oval stones and tiny white pearls. The pair of earrings are match the design of the choker’s pendant i.e. in the shape of a crescent and a star and decked with pearls and stones. The gorgeous set can be worn at any joyous occasion like weddings, parties, ceremonies, etc. and can easily complement any attire that you wish to wear for such an occasion.

Available in different colors.

Given Price Per Set

Set Inclde one ring , one pair ear rings, and one choker


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Multi Oval Stone Moon Star Choker Set
Multi Oval Stone Moon Star Choker Set
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