This is an Afghan Kochi necklace for belly dance performers.

It is made of fine large Lapis Lazuli pieces which are connected with the sterling silver chain.

Edges of the pieces are tapered to a sharp tip.

This rich blue Lapis Lazuli pieces are hand-crafted from natural Lapis Lazuli that was mined in Afghanistan.

All the pieces are geometrical in shape and have superb finishing with fine polish.

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone, which is revered in every religion of the world.

There are two sterling silver hooks at both sides, with which the chain is prominently knotted.

Some people use such jewelries to feel unique from other.

So, it is more preferred to be used in special events and parties.

Collectively, the product seems too much pretty.

This product above relates to an Asian culture.

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Latest Lapis Stone Necklace
Latest Lapis Stone Necklace

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