A classic Afghan Necklace in a pretty lapis lazuli.This pretty piece looks amazing on the wearer because of its intricate design details. Description: This is a wonderful chunky 18″ long necklace in lapis lazuli stone and German or gilt silver. The traditional form of making jewelry pieces was out of melting down coins. The small brown beads inter spaced throughout it are rosewood. The necklace was hand made by Kuchi Pashtuns,nomadic peoples in what is now Afghanistan. It’s probably from the Logar region. All of these pieces are unique and a chunk of history of a people whose lives have been threatened from every angle. This is a very necklace in the whole range of such necklaces.The stone are hand cut in amazing shapes and some fragments are so intricate and tiny that I am amazed at the handwork. This jewelry is tribal and made by hand.All stone are hand cut and hand sewn into the necklace.Please do not expect total perfection

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Lapis Stone Necklace
Lapis Stone Necklace

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