Kuchi Tribal Fancy Belt with small mirror

Lenght:- 30 inch

This is a beautiful fabric belt, representing the old Afghan gypsy or Kuchi tribal style jewelry.

It is a fancy belly dance costume belt.

It is beautifully beaded with multicolor micro-beads.

This product is handcrafted from high quality German-Silver.

Some beautiful and small multicolor gemstones are also fixed prominently.

This ornament is very light and easy to use.

The product contains a long strap, many hanging with beads and two back connecting threads on both sides.

There are two rounded and rich beaded medallions; traditionally it is called Tikaii or Gul, an ethnic bead work.

It is easy-to-wear and used as a belly dance belt in concerts or parties.

This product is prepared with great care and devotion, and has superb finishing which results in this amazing Belt.

It is traced back to Egyptian culture.

Commonly an Egyptian dancing girl used to wear such belt, just because to show her body movements and expressions more effective and attractive to viewers.

For instance when she even moves her hip slightly, hanging structures of the belt follows the body movements, which mesmerizes and hypnotizes the viewers to their peaks.

A poet expressed this climax in his poetry as;

The Womb is the spring……

From which all the life flows……

Dance all your prayers……

As the moon it glows……

The usage of these belts is not remained limited to Egypt, it is also used in Asian countries, and especially Afghan Kuchi women use such belts or similar in special events.

These Kuchi or Gypsy people are related to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

This ornament will rightly suit you and make your personality more charmer and dashing.

It has splendidly designed with high quality glowing polish, which attracts the people who love old culture.

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Kuchi Tribal Fancy Belt
Kuchi Tribal Fancy Belt

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