Hand-crafted Afghan Beaded Patches Set

Afghan embroidery and needlework are in a class of their own. The Kuchi artisans of Afghanistan and Pakistan are known for their expertise in the handicraft department. These artisans, in addition to doing embroidery work directly on dresses, also create beautiful patches and trims that can be applied and used by the users with ease. This beautifully HandCrafted Afghan Beaded Patches Set is a fine example of the skill and expertise of Kuchi artisans. The patches are made using high-quality fabric material and are decorated with beautiful embroidery work using multicolor threads. These beautiful patches, adorned with colorful designs and patterns, can be used to enhance the beauty of dresses, outfits, fabric-made handbags and purses, shawls, sheets, and so on. The patches are designed in a way that they can be easily stitched to the dress by a skilled craftsman.

Available in different colors.

Given Price Per Set

Set Includes One large Patch: 49x13cm

Two Triangle Patche: 24x15cm

Weight0.20 kg

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hand crafted Afghan Beaded Patches Set
Hand Crafted Afghan Beaded Patches Set
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