Ethnic Tradtional Choker Set

This stunning Ethnic Tradtional Choker Set is skillfully crafted by expert craftsmen of the Kuchi tribes. The choker is made of high-quality fabric decked with beautiful German Silver metal chain-link. It is decorated with multiple, colorful artificial crystals and beads and pom poms. The choker is also decked with an assortment of hanging ornaments, including beautiful crafted and designed metaldecorations, colorful artificial crystals, artificial pearls and vintage coins with colorful pom poms. The era rings are made of high-quality German-Silver metal. These beautiful pieces of jewelry are decked with colorful artificial crystals, expecially the one shaped in a beautiful crescent. The ear rings are also adorned with jingling metal bells. The set also includes a beautiful head piece, made of high-qaulity metal chain-link attached on a duarble fabric base. The article is decked with multi color artificial crystals and hanging metal bells. This beautiful, eye catching set can be worn at any festive occasion like weddings, family get togethers etc.

Set Include:- Choker, Ear Ring, Head Piece


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Ethnic Tradtional Choker Set
Ethnic Tradtional Choker Set

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