Coins Bunch Pendant Necklace

This is a stunning Coins Bunch Pendant Necklace handcrafted by skilled Kuchi artisans. The Kuchi nomadic people of Afghanistan and the steppes have a rich culture dating back centuries. This article is a beautiful example of that rich culture. The article is crafted using antique coins with a durable cotton fabric neck cord. The chain link is made of vintage coins with linked together and decked with colorful stones. The pendant is also made using antique coins bunched together in a beautiful pattern and is decorated with hanging vintage coins. The hanging coins are decked with colorful crystal beads and jingling metal trinkets and ornaments. The whole article is a masterpiece of Kuchi artisans’ craftsmanship. It is available in three colors of beads, green, pink, and red. You can wear this beautiful piece of jewelry with any outfit and to any festive event or party.

Size:- 65cm plus 30cm adjustable cord.

Available in three colors.


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Coins Bunch Pendant Necklace
Coins Bunch Pendant Necklace
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
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