Afghani Gypsy Tribal Costume Jewellery Set

Afghani handicraft is becoming famous day by day owing to its unique beauty and attraction. The skilled Afghani artisans produce some really exceptional articles including jewelry, clothing etc. Although most of these items are sold individually, sometimes they come in the form of a complete package. This gorgeous Afghani Gypsy Tribal Costume Jewelry is the perfect example of that complete package. The bundle includes an Afghani Shirt made of excellent quality fabric material. It is adorned with stunning, colorful embroidery and beautiful traditional mirror work. The shirt is accompanied with a beautiful Three Pendant and Coins Belt and a gorgeous Afghani Cap. Both the belt and the cap are made of high-quality fabric material. The belt is decorated with beautiful embroidery and mirror work with stunning German Silver metal pendants and hanging antique coins. The cap too is adorned with beautiful traditional embroidery designs and mirror work. The whole stunning, traditional attire is complemented with a gorgeous, spacious Gypsy Bag. This beautiful, stylish and roomy bag is decorated with lively and beautiful needlework and mirror work.

This beautiful Afghani Gypsy Tribal Costume Jewelry would not be complete without the gorgeous articles of jewelry, would it? The bundle includes aLarge Medallions Necklace made of excellent quality material and is adorned with spectacular medallion. Another beautiful piece of jewelry in this costume and jewelry set is the stunning Black Stone Necklace. This gorgeous necklace is made high-quality material and is decked with vibrant, eye catching black stones. This gorgeous set also includes two gorgeous chokers. The Vintage Choker is made of excellent quality German-Silver alloy and is decked with stunning, colorful artificial stones. The Medallions Choker is also made of high-quality material, adorned with multiple, colorful artificial crystals and stones. A pair of Big Ear Rings made of high-quality metal is part of the attire. These ear rings are decorated with colorful artificial crystal beads and hanging metal bells. A big Head Tikka made of German-Silver alloy is also part of the package. It is decorated with stunning carvings and designs and stunning artificial crystals. You can wear this gorgeous, eye catching Afghani Gypsy Tribal Costume Jewelry set at parties and festivities.

👇 Costume Include
1. Afghani Shirt
2. Three Pendant and coins belt
3. Large Medallions Necklace
4. Black Stone Necklace
5. Vintage Choker
6. Medallions choker
7. Big Ear Rings
8. Afghani Cap
9. Head Tikka
10. Gypsy Bag

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Afghani Costume Jewellery Set (3)
Afghani Gypsy Tribal Costume Jewellery Set

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