Afghani Charma Neckline and Border

Afghani style neckline and border designs are gaining quite the popularity now a days due to their unique beauty and allure. The gorgeous designs of the Afghani and Central Asian tribes are now available in the form of ready to stitch necklines and borders. This beautiful Afghani Charma Neckline and Border is a beautiful example of the skill of the Kuchi tribal artisans. The necklines and borders are available in both silver and golden color in different gorgeous, eye-catching patterns of stunning embroidery and needlework. You can use these beautiful articles to enhance the beauty of your beautiful dresses. The borders can also be used on table clothes, fabric hand bags, bed sheets etc.

Neckline Size:-40cm length, 50cm width

Boarder Size:- 14cm width

Available in Two Colors




With 1 Meter Boarder, With 2 Meter Boarder, With 3 Meter Boarder, With 4 Meter Boarder, With 5 Meter Boarder, Without Boarder, Without Neckline

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Afghani Charma Neckline and Border
Afghani Charma Neckline and Border
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • With 1 Meter Boarder
  • With 2 Meter Boarder
  • With 3 Meter Boarder
  • With 4 Meter Boarder
  • With 5 Meter Boarder
  • Without Boarder
  • Without Neckline
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