Afghan Tribal Fashion Necklace Set

This beautiful Afghan Tribal Fashion Necklace Setincludesa stunning Necklace, a beautiful Tikka, and a pair of exquisite Ear Rings. The set is skillfully handcrafted by expert Kuchi tribes’ artisans. The necklace is made using high-quality cotton fabric with expertly crafted gilded German Silver alloy chain-link. It is also decorated with beautiful, hanging gilded metal ornaments and jingling metal bells. The article is also decorated with beautiful, vibrant colored beads. You can select the color of the bead from red, green and blue. The tikka and the earrings are also made using high-quality, gilded German Silver alloy. These beautiful set pieces are also decorated with beautiful carvings, colorful crystal beads, and hanging metal bells and ornaments. The whole set is a masterpiece of Kuchi craftsmanship and a beautiful depiction of Afghan tribal fashion jewelry. This beautiful jewelry set can complement any attire or outfit that you choose for the evening and can be worn for any jubilant occasion.

Set include Necklace, Tikka,  and Ear Rings

Size:- Necklace 29x12cm , Ear Ring 5x5cm, Tikka 12x5cm

Availale in different Beads Colors


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Afghan Tribal Fashion Necklace Set
Afghan Tribal Fashion Necklace Set
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