3 Pendant Kuchi Choker Set

This stunning 3 Pendant Kuchi Choker Set is a masterpiece of Kuchi craftsman’s jewelry making skill. The set consists of a beautiful choker with a pair of exquisite matching ear rings and head wear. The German Silver metal chain-link of the choker is decked with colorful artificial crystal beads and hanging metal ornaments. The article is decorated with three stunning, expertly crafted and beautiful decorated metal pendants. The pendants are decorated with multicolor, colorful artificial crystals in various shapes (especially the large half-moon shaped crystal in each pendant) and jingling metal bells. The ear rings are also made of high-quality German Silver alloy. They are decorated with beautiful designs and artificial crystal beads of various beautiful colors. The head wear is also made of high-quality metal and is decked with numerous colorful crystal beads and hanging metal bells. You can wear this stunning, eye-catching set at any party, celebration or festivity.

Choker Set Include

Ear Ring, Tikka, Choker

*Stone colors will be change in every piece.

Weight 0.30 kg
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3 Pendant Kuchi Choker Set (2)
3 Pendant Kuchi Choker Set

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